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Austin Howard
Austin Howard

Teen Titans Multiverse [v0.4.1] [APK]

With how it's planned now, with the multiverse, the mc will eventually be able to meet different versions of the Titans, which is why their personalities are strictly the classic teen titans personalities now. Before I had put in a small mix of their Teen Titan's go personalities into who they were (especially for Starfire). Now the Teen Titan's go characters are their own separate people. The story setup and tone will also me to explore more scifi and horror, two things which I love.

Teen Titans Multiverse [v0.4.1] [APK]

Now they are completely the Teen Titans Classic characters. Before their personalities were a mix: 80% Teen Titans Classic and 20% their teen titans Go versions. Now the Go versions are their own people. Robin meeting the Go versions is planned. 041b061a72


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