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How To Buy A Kindle Book As A Gift

You can gift a Kindle book that you own if you gift the device it is on. Alternatively, you can buy a fresh copy of the book as a gift. All other methods of gifting your Kindle ebook involve copying it off the Amazon ecosystem. DRM protections restrict most Kindle-compliant gifting.

how to buy a kindle book as a gift

Now, on the next page, simply fill in the recipient email address. This will be the email address of the person receiving the gift from you. Enter your email address, and a quick heartwarming note!

You can gift a Kindle book to any country where the user can create an Amazon account. However, they may not be able to return the book to Amazon and get a voucher of equivalent value; something people do with domestic Kindle gifts.

The gifted Kindle books can only be read on a device or an app operating on the Kindle ecosystem. This means you cannot read Kindle books on another eReader. However, you can read a gifted Kindle book on an android device, iPhone, iPad, or an Android Tablet with a Kindle app on it.

Ebooks gifted after being DRM-stripped and converted via Epubor can be read on any eReader regardless of whether it can run the Kindle app or not. These ebooks can also be read on smartphones, tablets, and computers, even without internet access.

Kindle books make pretty special gifts for book lovers. Whether you are looking for a birthday gift, Black Friday gift or Christmas gift for your friends/family, Kindle books can be an excellent choice. Here are full money-saving tips for you to gift Kindle books without limitations for more than one person. Or you can check out more gift ideas for book lovers in this post -- Best 5 Gifts for Book Lovers -- Clever Gift Ideas for your Best Friend.

You can have the gift email sent right to your recipient and specify the delivery date you want the gift sent. If you are not sure of the email address of your gift recipient, you can email to yourself first and forward the gift email to your recipient at a later time. In this situation, the gift recipient can enter the Gift Claim Code from the email, after logging in to their Amazon account.

3. The recipient can read a gifted Kindle book only on a supported Amazon device or Kindle reading app. There is no way to read the gifted Kindle book on their own non-amazon device like Kobo/Nook/Sony reader/iBooks, because the Kindle books are all protected by Digital Right Management (DRM) and the ebook format is only supported by Kindle devices.

A: If you do not live in the same country as the person who you gave the Kindle book gift, the book may not be available to your recipient due to copyright restrictions. In these cases, you will be given the option to request an exchange for an equivalent Amazon Gift Card on your account by contacting Amazon Customer Service during the redemption process.

A: In case that your recipient does not like the Kindle book you gift, a better choice would be to gift an Amazon Gift Card directly. Gift Cards can not only be used to buy Kindle ebook content, but also digital music and Amazon Video downloads.

A: You can gift a Kindle to multiple people at a time. Just select the quantity before clicking on the button "Buy for others". However, you have to pay for it for several times. For instance, if you gift a Kindle book to 5 people and its unit price is $10, you will have to pay $10*5=$50. It would cost a great deal of money. Tip 2 on the next part will show you how to gift a Kindle book to more than one person with only one-off payment.

Obviously, Tip 1 mentioned above allows you to only buy a new Kindle book as a gift, but not gift your purchased Kindle books freely to others. The good news is that, through removing DRM from your Kindle books, you can give them to anyone you want without limitations. So here in this part, you will get a much more money-saving tip on gifting multiple Kindle books to more than one person--remove Kindle DRM.

Download and run the Kindle for PC/Mac and sign in with your Amazon account. Then all your Kindle books will be synced to the library automatically. Just right-click the book cover and tap "Download" to download them to the computer.

Please just use the latest version of Kindle for PC V1.32 to download Kindle books. When you are downloading the books, please make sure Epubor Ultimate is running. If you fail to remove Kindle DRM, you should redownload your Kindle books and at the same time keep Epubor Ultimate running.

Please make sure you are using Kindle for Mac V1.31. Before downloading books from Kindle for Mac V1.31, you should input the code sudo chmod -x /Applications/ in the Terminal Window. For a detailed guide, please follow patch Kindle for Mac.

Usually, The Kindle books downloaded via Kindle for PC/Mac will be automatically detected by Epubor Ultimate and you can see them at the left column under the "Kindle" tab. Next, just drag and drop the Kindle books from the left side to the right main window. Then the DRM will be removed immediately with "Decrypted" showing.

"But for others" is indeed available, at least in the USA. First, sign into your Amazon acct. Find the book. Usually a book is available in more than one format, eg. hardbound, paperback, kindle. Click on the Kindle edition button. Only then will you see the "Buy for others" button appear over in the right hand column of the webpage.

Am I correct in guessing that if I download the free borrowed nooks from my Kindle Cloud ccount to my laptop, I can use my PC Kindle app and transfer the files via direct USB connection? Could I load the books on flash drive and transfer them that way?

What if they already have the book or want a hard copy? They can exchange your gift for a gift card of the equivalent value. Not the nicest option if you bought them a bargain basement Kindle book, so choose wisely. ?

A Kindle is a great way to carry all your books in one single package. A handy device that is lighter than a tablet and relatively inexpensive, the Kindle makes it easy to buy, borrow, and keep your books safe.

There are some books that you can loan to other users after you've purchased them. Unfortunately, many don't support loaning. The publisher sets the loaning conditions for their books, so the loan term varies -- but is often about 14 days. If the book isn't accepted as a loan within seven days, it will be returned to you.

However, one book can be read on several devices at once, as long as you're logged into those devices with your Amazon account through the Kindle app. So you can pause reading a book on your Kindle and pick it back up from the Kindle app on your iPad, for example.

While your books should sync across your devices, selecting "Kindle for Mac" ensures it's downloaded immediately to your desktop if you wish to read it from your computer. For this option to appear, you will have to download the app and log in to your account first.

This vintage composition notebook design features a unique marbled paper background and a preworn old-school label with a headline VNTG NTBK. Available in several colors for several iPhone models. Explore the collection.

Another important point - If you are based in USA, books and newspapers are delivered wirelessly to your Kindle Reader but since this feature is not available in other countries, you can download Kindle purchases from the Media Library on and transfer them to Kindle via a USB cable.

You've bought and collected a healthy array of ebooks for your Kindle library, either on a Kindle device or on your computer, smartphone, or tablet using the Kindle app. Now other members of the family want to read one of your ebooks. Do they have to buy their own copies? Nope, not if you create a Family Library.

By setting up a Family Library, you can swap ebooks with other family members. The Family Library allows for two adults, each with his or her own Amazon account, and up to four children. Once the library is created, you can share ebooks, and other content, with your whole family.

I bought my Kindle Paperwhite in the middle of a cross-country move. My reading life was taking a hit without library books, and I needed a way to access books from my old library before I could get my hands on a new library card. I also had a lot of traveling planned and needed a lighter way to tote my reading material with me. I waited until Prime Day and got my Kindle Paperwhite for $85 (instead of $130, as it is at the time of posting).

I have the 8 GB option, and I have never come anywhere close to running out of space. E-books generally have pretty tiny files. The only reason you might have any concern is if you want to have a very large number of very long audiobooks all downloaded at once. Otherwise you should have zero issues with the 8 GB option.

Any item purchased through Amazon is eligible for a return within 30 days of purchase. Amazon will provide a refund or an Amazon gift card for the same amount. The amount refunded to your original payment method will not include any applicable shipping fees. Additionally, certain discounts and promotions may not be refunded. This will vary based upon the terms and agreements provided to you at checkout for your device. Most refunds process through Amazon's system within seven to 10 business days of receiving the item.

You are viewing current coupons and discount promotions for March 2023. For more about this website, and its current promotions connect with them on Twitter @AmazonKindle

To buy an eBook, find the book of your choice on by browsing our curated lists and categories or buy searching a specific title/author/subject in the Search bar at the top of the page. Once you find a book you want, go to the product page, make sure the eBook format is selected, and click "Add to Cart".

To purchase new books for the Barnes & Noble NOOK App for both iOS and Android, visit in your device's web browser (Safari/Chrome or other) or on a desktop/laptop computer. eBooks purchased on will automatically sync to your NOOK Library. 041b061a72


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