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Austin Howard

Holiday Homework Of Radiant International School

Rowdy Radiant Secondary School is a secondary school located in the area of Katan, Bhimdatta / Mahendranagar, Mahakali, Kanchanpur District of Nepal.[1] It lies in Mahakali Zone of Nepal.[2] It lies in the Far-Western Development Region, Nepal. It is an educational institute that offers Basic Level and Secondary Level education to the students.[3] Every year about 1300 students attend entrance exams to study in this school, but only about 50% i.e. about 600 students only qualify. It offers intermediate education on science and management streams.[4] It allows students to study other subjects in Grade XII as non-credit subjects. It is affiliated to National Examination Board (Nepal), previously known as Higher Secondary Education Board of Nepal. Almost every teaching staff have graduated from the international level.[5] As per the analysis of Prasnauttar, it has been placed in the second-best college in Sudurpashchim Province(also known as Provine No. 7 in Nepal) of Nepal. The official website of the college is now on internet from where student can get regular activities of school.[6]

Holiday Homework Of Radiant International School




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