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Austin Howard
Austin Howard

Taylor Swift - I Think He Knows (Audio) !NEW!

Valentine meets her brother again. Ender has been on earth for two months and has no intentions of returning to space. He does not want to fight, and he is sick of games. They talk for a long time, and Valentine learns why Ender is tired of fighting. He learns his enemies so well that he almost loves them, and then he destroys them. Ender does not want to destroy. He also knows that he cannot win all the battles. Valentine thinks he means that he will never be able to beat Peter, but she does not understand that he only wants Peter to love him. Valentine appeals to Ender, for her sake, to go save mankind. She leaves hating Graff for having forced her to convince her brother to return to where he does not want to go.

Taylor Swift - I Think He Knows (Audio)

Graff explains to Ender that he was here to remember what he was fighting for, and he knows that Ender will hate him for using Valentine and the earth to make him return, but insists that his feelings for his sister are what really matter. Ender thinks briefly that Graff may actually care for him but decides that everything is calculation with Graff. On the voyage to Eros, where I.F. command is, Graff tells Ender all he knows about the buggers. Ender learns that they communicate instantaneously, and that from them humans learned how to do the same. They have the ansible, a device that allows ships to talk to each other from across the galaxy. Graff also tells him that all human ships have been sent out to attack the buggers in the Third Invasion, and he is expected to be the commander five years from now. Finally, Ender asks why they are fighting the buggers, and although Graff does not know, he speculates that a species that can communicate through thought must have a hard time understanding that humans are intelligent life at all. So it could all just be a misunderstanding, but when the species is at stake, there is no choice but to attack.

Made me think of those Spanish style acoustic numbers on the early Van Halen albums. She could make a ton of money if she decides she wants to do electric guitar and knows how to write sheet music. These are the type that never do those things though. 041b061a72


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